What Types of Companies Can Benefit from a Blast Room?

What Types of Companies Can Benefit from a Blast Room

A blast room is a bigger form of a blast cabinet. Blast technicians work inside the room to clean or smooth surfaces of a product based on the job requirements.

Blast rooms are available in various sizes, some of which are large enough to contain huge or odd-shaped objects such as commercial trucks, military vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, and construction equipment.

Industries that benefit from using a blast room

  • Airline
  • Railroad
  • Commercial
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Many more as well as the military

Every application might need the use of numerous pieces of equipment. However, many of these fundamental components are in a standard blast room:

  • An enclosure (the blast room) that stops dust and particulate egress.
  • A wheel-blasting and air-blasting unit .
  • A dust collection unit that captures airborne particulate; cleaning the air, bettering visibility for the operator, and collecting debris ready for disposal.
  • A blast pot, a pneumatic pressure vessel filled with blast media, that used to abrade a workpiece’s surface.
  • A material recycling system that gathers abrasive blasting media so it can be used again
  • Additional equipment (optional): overhead cranes, multiple axes, sound-reduction materials

Benefits of Using a Blast Room

Environment Benefits

When treating corrosion or paint removal, using a blast room is much better for the environment compared to chemical strippers. Chemical strippers are highly toxic and can leave lasting environmental damage if mishandled, which is one of the many reasons why companies opt for a blast room.

Clean Workspace

A blast room has all the necessary equipment. So, you don’t have to perform blasting work out in the open. Particulate and abrasive is collected by the recovery system then transferred to the reclamation system, leaving the workspace tidy after every blasting job.

Reduces Costs

By bringing abrasive blasting in-house; companies can bring down their operating costs and increase their throughput. This is largely due to the reduced disruption associated with outsourcing surface treatment and the efficiency of having capital plant facilities onsite.

Safer Workplace for Operators

There are many safety features and measures in place when operating blast rooms that protect operators inside and workers outside from harm. For the operators, it is – strong and durable PPE including helmet respirators with sound suppression, a ventilation system that provides optimal visibility inside, emergency system shut-offs, Deadman handles, interior lighting, and noise-abating blast nozzles. For those outside, it is the negative pressure enclosure preventing particulate egress and acoustic panels that contain harmful sound emanating from the blast room during operation

Boosts Productivity

A blast room is constructed to go well with any surface, abrasive, and application. The ventilation and lighting are superior, creating a highly productive work area. Giving blasting technicians a well-equipped, dedicated work area allows them to blast any size item any time a project needs to be done.

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