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Integrated Dust Collector 

Cartridge Filter Module for All-In-One Containerized Blast Room

Airblast AFC is known for its market-leading dust collection technology, which offers excellent visibility when blasting. For our All-In-One Containerized Blast Room, we set about replicating the performance of our external cartridge dust collector system in a portable format. The result is a compact, high-performance cartridge filter module that comes pre-installed and provides excellent performance without compromise.

Cartridge Filter Module

A brand-new innovation created specifically for our All-In-One Containerized Blast Rooms, this powerful, reverse-jet cartridge system works along the same principle as our external filter cartridge technology. Despite its compact size, it is powerful enough to match the air speeds of our external system, ensuring a safe and comfortable blasting environment. This module has proved so successful that we are now offering it as a cost-effective dust collection solution for smaller blast rooms.

Containerized blast booth internal
Airblast AFC Integrated cartridge module dust extraction

Innovative Cartridge Filter

This innovative cartridge filter module comes pre-installed inside each All-In-One Containerized Blast Booth – no extra bolting or ducting is required. Setup and calibration are also taken care of in our factory before shipping, so your blast room arrives ready to go; simply hook up the power and air supplies and start blasting.

To learn more about Airblast AFC’s approach to dust collection, please view our Dust Collection page.

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For more information on our portable dust extraction systems please call our team on +1 (800) 331 7744 or continue browsing the site to learn more about our cartridge filters, shaker filters and methods for dust extraction systems.

Airblast AFC blast booth dust extraction and paint booth handling unit

Cartridge Dust Collector

Airblast AFC offers large portable dust extractors based on its Air Pulse Cartridge Collector with adaptations to suit various site conditions.