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Wind Turbine Tower Facilities

Our experts have extensive experience in the design and installation of blasting and painting facilities that meet the specific demands of wind turbine tower manufacturers.

When it comes to both preparing and applying coatings, wind turbines represent a unique logistical challenge, so it’s important that your coating facility is built by a supplier with experience and expertise in the field.


Airblast AFC facilities ventilate at a horizontal airflow rate of 50’-60’ per minute. Our systems are designed to keep dust suspended in the air stream until it is exhausted. This prevents dust particles from being returned to the abrasive classifier and reprocessed. Our focus on replacement air and exhaust air helps to achieve far better visibility and a safer working environment for operators.

Airblast AFC Wind turbine tower paint booth
Airblast AFC Wind turbine facility side by side

Full recovery floor

Our full recovery floor system removes the need for manual abrasive clean up. Steady and constant recirculation of abrasive ensures that the media classification system returns only media that is in as-new condition. This, in turn, improves your blast profile and reduces the need for secondary blasting.

Robot blasting

Airblast AFC can supply blast robots for the automated blasting of wind turbine tower sections. Our machines give a consistent finish and are far more efficient that manual or wheel blasting. As such, they represent a cost-effective option for cleaning large workpieces.

Flat blasting nozzles

Blast nozzles with a “flat venturi” design can as much as double the speed of the blasting process. Alternatively, they can enable blasting at half the air and energy consumption.


Our experience with the challenges of wind turbine coating led our experts to devise a unique air control system. This system ensures excellent airflow around both the exterior and interior.

Elevated temperature control system

Our spray facilities achieve fast processing times thanks to our unique elevated temperature control system. This, combined with an advanced air jet system, enables dramatically reduced processing times, meaning capacity is as much as double that of conventional spray booths.

Custom design

Each of our wind turbine facilities is designed to meet the specific needs of the application. We are able to provide customized solutions that are compatible with both manual and robotic paint application.

Reduced energy consumption

Airblast AFC uses the latest in spray booth technology to reduce the energy consumed during the spraying process by up to 75% compared to conventional systems.

Airblast AFC Abrasive Recovery Wind Turbine Blast Booth

Contact Us

For more information about our wind turbine blast and paint facilities, please call our team on +1 (800) 331 7744 or get in touch with us via our Contact page.

AirblastAFC Blast room with recovery floor

Modular Blast Rooms

Our modular system allows us to create custom facilities from 14-gauge galvanized sheet metal panels with a rubber lining to protect the surface.

Weatherproof Blast Booth

Weatherproof Blast Booth

No concrete foundations required – a new well-insulated, weatherproof blast room that is demountable, easy to move and ready to use in just a few days.

Airblast AFC Containerized blast room

Containerized Blast Rooms

Containerized blast rooms are a highly affordable alternative solution when a weatherproofed, transportable, or all-in-one blast room system is required.

Airblast AFC PMB full media recovery floor blast booth

Plastic Media Blast Rooms

No steel required - Airblast AFC is the U.S. premium manufacturer of Plastic Media Blast Rooms across a range of industry sectors. Lightweight materials allow for quick assembly.

Airblast AFC Design and build blast and paint facility

Marine Production Facilities

Specialists in surface preparation and finishing facilities, Airblast AFC has been providing turnkey blast solutions for international marine customers for five decades.