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Marine Production Facilities

Our experts have been providing blast and paint solutions to international marine customers for five decades.

Airblast AFC is able to produce world-class blast and paint facilities for leading manufacturers in ship and submarine building, gas and oil component manufacturing, and offshore wind energy.

Marine Conditions

Careful maintenance is crucial at sea, where tough conditions have a highly detrimental effect on marine structures and equipment. Valuable assets at sea are vulnerable to material degradation, flash rust, paint blistering, and delamination.

As the sophistication of marine coatings increases, so too does the demand placed on surface preparation. All our marine blast and paint facilities incorporate climate and humidity controls. These enable accurate environment management for faster production times and higher quality results.

The sophistication of marine coatings continues to increase, which places increasing demands on the quality of your surface preparation. That’s why our marine blast and paint facilities incorporate climate and humidity controls, enabling accurate environment management for faster production times and higher quality results.

Our experts have created marine facilities for the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Each facility is delivered to the highest technical standards and is supported by our first-class service.

Offshore Wind

Airblast AFC experts have experience in designing and building large, environmentally controlled facilities for leading offshore wind turbine blade manufacturers. Our largest to date accommodates a 260’ long turbine blade and utilizes an advanced air recirculation system to meet the exacting requirements of the paint specification. The facility is fitted out to work both as a paint spray facility and a cure facility.

Marine Vessel Blasting and Coating

Airblast AFC also offers facilities for the marine transportation industry. These feature climate-and temperature-controlled rooms that are ideal for both blasting and painting. These facilities can be supplied with a rapid recovery elevator capable of moving up to 30 tons of metallic abrasive every hour. They also feature a vacuum recovery system for blasting within vessel sections, as well as ventilation and climate control equipment. Airblast AFC can design and build these climatically controlled blast and paint rooms for the marine, oil, and gas industries.

Airblast AFC Wind turbine blade
Airblast AFC Design and build blast and paint facility
Airblast AFC Ship Propeller

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AirblastAFC Blast room with recovery floor

Modular Blast Rooms

Our modular system allows us to create custom facilities from 14-gauge galvanized sheet metal panels with a rubber lining to protect the surface.

Weatherproof Blast Booth

Weatherproof Blast Booth

No concrete foundations required – a new well-insulated, weatherproof blast room that is demountable, easy to move and ready to use in just a few days.

Airblast AFC Containerized blast room

Containerized Blast Rooms

Containerized blast rooms are a highly affordable alternative solution when a weatherproofed, transportable, or all-in-one blast room system is required.

Airblast AFC PMB full media recovery floor blast booth

Plastic Media Blast Rooms

No steel required - Airblast AFC is the U.S. premium manufacturer of Plastic Media Blast Rooms across a range of industry sectors. Lightweight materials allow for quick assembly.

Airblast AFC Externalized twin blast room metalization booth and paint booths

Wind Turbine Production Facilities

With extensive experience in meeting the demands of wind turbine tower manufacturers, Airblast AFC has provided facilities for leading on and off-shore tower blast rooms.