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Plastic Media Blast Rooms

Tailor-made Plastic Media Blasting Solutions

One of the advantages of Plastic Media Blasting, or PMB, when it comes to booth design is that there’s no need to build the enclosure from steel. That’s why the Airblast AFC plastic media blast room is constructed from Eurobond Lamella panels with a smooth polyester finish.

Airblast AFC Plastic Media Blasting Booth

The panels we use for plastic media blasting are oriented vertically and stand the full height of the booth. We use a pre-formed tongue and groove edge to join the panels vertically. This design provides a number of key benefits. First, the white walls are reflective and enhance light levels to aid operators. Second, the insulated construction offers sound attenuation benefits. Third, the use of lightweight materials makes assembly quicker and easier.
Airblast AFC PMB full media recovery floor blast booth

For larger plastic media blasting booths, Airblast AFC can also offer a Megadoor. Our Megadoors are constructed to ISO9000-certified quality assurance criteria. As a result, they provide extremely reliable service at a very low life-cycle maintenance cost. They are individually engineered with your specific application in mind.

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Plastic Media Blasting

Plastic media blasting recovery systems

Our plastic media blasting booths can incorporate a wide variety of media reclamation options. These include: full-floor recovery systems, partial floor recovery systems, dense particle separation, de-ionizing, magnetic separation, and re-classification sieves. The Airblast AFC Plastic Media Blasting Booth also utilizes our market-leading ventilation system.

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AirblastAFC Blast room with recovery floor

Modular Media Blast Rooms

Our modular plastic media blasting system allows us to create custom facilities from 14-gauge galvanized sheet metal panels with a rubber lining to protect the surface.

Weatherproof Blast Booth

Weatherproof Media Blast Booth

No concrete foundations required – a new well-insulated, weatherproof plastic media blasting room that is demountable, easy to move, and ready to use in just a few days.

Airblast AFC Containerized blast room

Containerized Media Blast Rooms

Containerized blast rooms are a highly affordable alternative solution when a weatherproofed, transportable, or all-in-one plastic media blasting room system is required.

Airblast AFC Externalized twin blast room metalization booth and paint booths

Wind Turbine Production Facilities

With extensive experience in meeting the demands of wind turbine tower manufacturers, Airblast AFC has provided facilities for leading on and off-shore tower plastic media blasting rooms.

Airblast AFC Design and build blast and paint facility

Marine Production Facilities

Specialists in surface preparation and finishing facilities, Airblast AFC has been providing turnkey media blast solutions for international marine customers for five decades.