Best Media Blast Solutions on the Market

Find out about the market-leading tech in our blast rooms, media blasting process, blast machines, and blast cabinets.

Airblast AFC Surface Preparation and Finishing offers a range of media blast solutions, including containerized, modular, weather-proof, and sound-attenuated options. On this page you can learn more about our market-leading approach to blast room construction, abrasive recovery, and dust management.
AirblastAFC Blast room with recovery floor

Blast Rooms

Airblast AFC designs, manufactures, and installs blast rooms for the Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Marine, Rail, Transport, and Energy sectors.

Airblast AFC Optimal blast room dust extraction

Dust Collection

Airblast AFC has spent many years perfecting blast room dust extraction and ventilation, and now leads the market dust-free blasting.

Airblast AFC Rapid Recovery Large Capacity Abrasive Storage Elevators

Media Recovery

Airblast AFC offers a choice of media recovery methods, each allowing for quick and efficient recovery of spent abrasive. Discover more about our range of recovery systems.

Airblast AFC Eductomatic

Portable Closed Circuit Blast Machines

Blast machines from Airblast AFC are used worldwide and are continually refined to provide the exceptional performance the industry demands.

Custom Media Blasting Solutions

Depending on the specific needs for your project, Airblast AFC can provide you with a custom media blasting solution to remove surface contaminants from metal. Generally, the media blasting process involves removing paint, rust, and other surface contaminants by using high-pressure air, water, or steam to break down the impurities and pull them away from the surface of the metal.

Here at Airblast AFC, we take into consideration your unique project details to ensure you get the best blasting solutions. Have specific questions about plastic media blasting solutions, our blast machines, and blast cabinets, we are happy to walk you through the range of blasting solutions that we offer.

Getting the Right Machine for Your Media Blast Processes

Not sure which media blast solution is best for your blasting processes? It is important that you buy and install the right blast machines and blast cabinets, as it is critically important to the success of your businesses, as well as building and nurturing the trust of your consumers. Here at Airblast AFC, our engineers will first examine your project specifications and then walk you through the right blast equipment to execute your project. Whether you need an automotive sandblaster, plastic blasting media, tumble barrel, or soda blasting solution, we will guide you through choosing the right or ideal blast solution.

Usually, we recommend three methods; media blasting, soda blasting, and sandblasting techniques. It is important to choose the right method to get the job done, and we are here to help you.

Quality That You Can Trust

At the core of our media blast solutions is high-quality that you can trust. We are thorough in our approach and we deliver a finishing that causes your work to shine. Airblast AFC Surface Preparation and Finishing has been in the business of producing quality media blast equipment and delivering the best blast media solutions for several years.

Reach out today to discover more about our processes.