Blast Solutions

Find out about the market-leading tech in our blast rooms, blast machines and blast cabinets.

Airblast AFC offers a range of blast solutions, including containerised, modular, weather-proof, and sound-attenuated options. On this page you can learn more about our market-leading approach to blast room construction, abrasive recovery, and dust management.
AirblastAFC Blast room with recovery floor

Blast Rooms

Airblast AFC designs, manufactures, and installs blast rooms for the Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Marine, Rail, Transport, and Energy sectors.

Airblast AFC Optimal blast room dust extraction

Dust Collection

Airblast AFC has spent many years perfecting blast room dust extraction and ventilation, and now leads the market dust-free blasting.

Airblast AFC Rapid Recovery Large Capacity Abrasive Storage Elevators

Media Recovery

Airblast AFC offers a choice of media recovery methods, each allowing for quick and efficient recovery of spent abrasive. Discover more about our range of recovery systems.

Airblast AFC Eductomatic

Portable Closed Circuit Blast Machines

Blast machines from Airblast AFC are used worldwide and are continually refined to provide the exceptional performance the industry demands.