How to Choose the Right Blast Room for Your Industrial Needs


Before choosing a blast room, you need to familiarize yourself with a few of the features typical of many manufacturers. Practically all blast rooms have a square roof design.

A square roof allows for superior lighting, simpler load-in and load-out, and more operator movement.

Roof and wall panels are typically available in various thicknesses. Generally, the thicker the wall, the greater the price. Even though most people want a durable blast room, heavier construction frequently provides no real advantage since high-wear areas are usually covered by rubberized shielding. Blast rooms are normally equipped with a sufficient number of fluorescent light fixtures and have safety glass to meet the code.

What is a Blast Room?

A blast room is a huge chamber made for:

  • Treating and abrading material in a controlled environment
  • Using recyclable abrasives
  • Preventing hazardous particulates from egressing into the atmosphere

A blast room has a system that will recoup your abrasive material and stop the abrasive material from getting into the air. Various types of blast rooms include:

  • Containerized blast room – Affordable alternative when a weatherproof, all-in-one, or transportable blast room system is needed.
  • Plastic media blast room – Airblast AFC is the U.S. premium manufacturer of plastic media blast rooms. No steel is needed.
  • Weatherproof blast room – Demountable, simple to move, and ready to use in just days. No concrete foundations or groundworks are required.
  • Modular blast room – A modular system that allows the creation of a customized facility using sheet metal panels with a rubber lining to safeguard the surfaces. 

After recovering the remaining abrasive material, it is transported to a system part that divides the remaining abrasives from the dust so the top-quality abrasives can be recycled. By using a blast room, you can save money by effectively recapturing and reusing abrasive material that is still suitable to use again. 

How Do Blast Rooms Work?

An abrasive blast room is mainly a closed-loop system that allows the operator to use abrasive and compressed air to eliminate debris or paint from a section. They use compressed air to quicken practically every sort of loose grain or abrasive media to get various results like cleaning, texturing, polishing, deburring, and surface removal. 

Key Considerations When Choosing the Right Blast Room

Using the wrong blasting room for a job could result unintended damage to the blasted surface and substandard results. On the other hand, using the right blast room and the right abrasive media guarantees a profitable and effective surface treatment. Here are a couple of key factors to consider when choosing the right abrasive blast cabinet: 


When choosing the right blast room, the most critical thing to remember is to focus on the application instead of whether the part will fit inside the machine. 


Facilities with ample capacity allow for accurate dedusting, allowing operators to have good visibility during the blasting job. Bad visibility is a typical concern among workers, and it can frequently be linked back to working with a blast room that lacks capacity. Moreover, insufficient capacity can produce too much dust in the abrasive, considerably slowing down the process.

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