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Portable AbVac Abrasive Recovery Unit

The AbVac Grit Recovery Unit is one of the most portable media recovery devices available anywhere in the world.

It is ideal for restricted spaces and for difficult-to-reach locations like bridges, water tanks, and gas towers.

The AbVac is entirely electric-powered and requires no compressed air and offers efficient airflow per HP. The high suction capacity, together with its flexible discharge system, makes the unit very useful in most grit recovery situations. The AbVac unit can access areas that would otherwise be inaccessible due to hose length. The unit is easily manoeuvred using a standard forklift or crane.

AbVac Portable Abrasive Vacuum

The AbVac can reclaim up to 5 tons of blast media per hour and works well with extended hose lengths. It also has low power requirements, making it simple and quiet to use.

Mounted onto a rigid stand with retractable legs, this unit is electric powered and is designed for the collection of dust and debris up to 2”in size. It deposits that debris either into a waste bag or into an abrasive storage hopper from which recovered abrasive can be reused.

Airblast AFC Portable Abrasive Recovery Vacuum


The AbVac is mounted on to a rigid stand with retractable legs. The retractable legs allow the discharge outlet height to be adjusted for any size of waste bag. It is an enclosed recovery system, so operators can safely work without a mask or goggles.

An automatic discharge feature provides huge efficiency gains in a range of scenarios when manual emptying is impractical. Thanks to its portability, the AbVac can also be used as a free-standing suction unit with a 3” or 4” hose, or it can be connected to a fixed pipe system with multiple suction outlets.

Airblast AFC Vaculift Recovery System

Vaculift Recovery System

With its high recovery rate, the Vaculift unit is an ideal system for in-house blasting operation.

Airblast AFC Rapid Recovery Large Capacity Abrasive Storage Elevators

Rapid Recovery Large Capacity Abrasive Storage Elevators

These systems are ideal for high volume media use and storage.

Airblast AFC Auger Screw close up

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These systems are ideal for high volume media use and storage.

Airblast AFC Airflex


The Airflex Recovery Floor may be used with a wide variety of abrasive media.

Airblast AFC Plastic Media Pneumatic Recovery System

Pneumatic Recovery

Pneumatic abrasive recovery systems may also be used with friable abrasives.

Airblast AFC Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum

Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum

The Airvac with Cyclone Separator is a compact air-operated vacuum system that recovers abrasives for recycling.

Airblast AFC Portable Garnet Recycler

Portable Garnet Recycler

Airblast AFC's Garnet Recycler helps to deliver a constant supply of recycled abrasive to improve operator efficiency.