The Airflex Recovery Floor system is ideal for production shot blasting environments.

The Airblast AFC Airflex Recovery Floor System consists of modular corridors that sweep abrasive back toward an elevator. There are six corridors, each with a standard width. These can be produced to any length, allowing for recovery from virtually any floor area.

Flexible Scraper Blades

The Airblast AFC Airflex Recovery Floor System has rows of flexible blades installed at intervals across each corridor. The blades rest against galvanised steel combs that give them enough strength to push the abrasive. As they return, the combs pass through the abrasive and the flexible scraper blade passes over it without moving it. This back-and-forth motion gradually moves the abrasive to a transversal corridor that runs at right angles to the rest of the floor. This corridor transports the abrasive media to the elevator and the grit wash.

The grit wash includes a vibrating or rotary sieve and an air wash. From here, dust is sent to a dust collector, while spent abrasive and large contaminants are sent to a waste container. Diverting spent abrasive away from the dust collector in this way prevents premature wear of the collector elements, increasing value in the long term.

Blast room elevator with dynamic separator

Dynamic Grit Wash

Operators are able to control the minimum size of particle that remains in the system by adjusting the power of the vacuum. The higher the power, the larger the removed particle.

Clean abrasive is deposited in a storage hopper equal in capacity to the volume of the blast machine. When all the abrasive in the blast machine is spent, or when the operator releases the activation handle, the blast machine is automatically charged with fresh abrasive from the hopper above.

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