How to Manage Noise Levels in a Blast Room

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How to manage noise levels is one of the usual topics that potential buyers bring up when considering a blast room. The time to discuss a possible noise problem is before you purchase a machine. The noise issue is clear-cut when you realize where the sound is coming from.

Dust collectors, spray machines, and other tools must be considered when selecting a blast room. Each piece of equipment gives off a level of noise that should be contemplated.

Usual Sources of Blast Noise

  • Machine Controls
  • Blasting Gun
  • Dust Collector

Blast Noise from Machine Controls

Machine controls can be noise emitting. This noise can be eliminated by getting rid of the blow-down controls. Getting rid of some of the noise might reduce output, so operations must be asked before deciding. 

Blast Noise from a Dust Collector 

Blast rooms typically have huge dust collectors. This is how productions guarantee accurate cabinet discernibility regardless of the high amount of abrasive associated with bigger guns. Shifting a lot of air will increase the noise, so when you buy your blast room, you can discuss blower noise.

Less-than-ideal facilities usually don’t have the best building layout, which adds to the bad sound quality. 

This condition necessitates that the user must make a decision on how to manage the noise level while satisfying the daily workload. If this is your issue, our team of blast room experts can help by recommending solutions to fulfill both output requirements and noise levels. 

Solutions to Managing Blast Noise

  • Portable sound walls to absorb noise
  • Modify your machine settings
  • Dust collector silencers

Silencers, also known as mufflers, are made to diminish the noise created by blowers and sustain OSHA-compliant noise levels. It’s critical to consider the machine’s location and setting since the building surfaces play a significant role in the noise level.

Portable sound screens are an excellent choice for reducing the noise made by dust collectors, machine controls, and blasting guns. They can be set in the work environment to absorb sound waves, reducing blast room noise. 

Besides portable sound screens and silencers, you can change your machine setup to use a quieter blast room. If you decide on this option, you should make sure that the work output isn’t negatively affected by separating the work among several quieter machines.

Even though doing this might cost more money, it may be the only option available to some users.

In Summary

Blast room noise is a real problem. Based on the source of the noise, you can use a portable sound wall, or dust collector silencer, or alter the placement of your machine. Regardless of your circumstances, we can assist you in finding the best solution to decrease the noise level and sustain your output obligations. Contact us today and let’s talk.