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Rapid Recovery Large Capacity Abrasive Storage Elevators

We manufacture a selection of large capacity abrasive storage elevators. These store a large quantity of media so you can blast longer.

These elevators are ideal when a full recovery floor is not an option, and/or if a rail and cart system can’t be used for loading the booth.

Rapid Recovery Elevator

Our Rapid Recovery Elevator can recover abrasive at speeds of up to 30 tons per hour. It features a Dynamic Separator, comprising of a primary vibrator or rotary sieve and air wash. This effectively separates reusable media at high speed to maintain productivity and to contribute to a dust-free blasting environment.

Preventing spent abrasive from reaching the dust collector is vital, because it protects the collector cartridges from wear. The operator can adjust the power of the vacuum to determine the minimum size of particle that should remain in the system; the more powerful the vacuum, the larger the removed particle.

Airblast AFC Blast Room Abrasive Recovery Elevator

Storage Hopper

The remaining clean abrasive is deposited into a storage hopper. This hopper is sized to ensure that your largest item can be processed in its entirety before abrasive needs to be recovered. This means that there’s no need for abrasive clean-up while the product is in the booth. When all the media is spent, or when the operator releases the dead man’s handle, the blast machine is automatically loaded with fresh abrasive from the hopper above.

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Airblast AFC Vaculift Recovery System

Vaculift Recovery System

With its high recovery rate, the Vaculift unit is an ideal system for in-house blasting operation.

Airblast AFC Auger Screw close up

Auger Screw Recovery Systems

These systems are ideal for high volume media use and storage.

Airblast AFC AbVac Abrasive Recovery Unit

AbVac Abrasive Recovery Unit

The portable AbVac is an suction unit designed for the collection of abrasive into a bag.

Airblast AFC Airflex


The Airflex Recovery Floor may be used with a wide variety of abrasive media.

Airblast AFC Plastic Media Pneumatic Recovery System

Pneumatic Recovery

Pneumatic abrasive recovery systems may also be used with friable abrasives.

Airblast AFC Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum

Portable Airvac Abrasive Vacuum

The Airvac with Cyclone Separator is a compact air-operated vacuum system that recovers abrasives for recycling.

Airblast AFC Portable Garnet Recycler

Portable Garnet Recycler

Airblast AFC's Garnet Recycler helps to deliver a constant supply of recycled abrasive to improve operator efficiency.