Purpose-Built Wind Tower Blasting and Treating Facilities in California

Renewable energy and sustainability through wind turbines are a growing part of power generation across the US. Maintaining a wind turbine’s moving parts, however, is a different challenge and a difficult process that requires specially-designed blasting facilities with unique benefits.

Blasting Facilities for Wind Turbine Towers

Facilities for wind turbine tower blast in California feature additional functions and specially-designed elements beyond the capabilities of standard blast rooms:

Improved Ventilation

Turbine tower facilities for surface preparation require additional ventilation above the standard. Added ventilation ensures dust stays airborne, which allows it to be taken away rather than resettling on surfaces.

Automated Blasting Processes

Blasting robots can efficiently process large tower bodies while providing a consistent level of surface preparation and cleaning that isn’t possible with manual blasting.

Controlled Temperatures

Blasting and treatment facilities need controlled temperatures for efficient and cost-effective processing at specific temperatures. The facilities also benefit from leading-edge systems that recirculate warm air. These systems keep the use of expensive fuels within a competitive cost range.

Custom Blasting Rooms

In some cases, custom solutions are the most logical approach for paint spraying, surface preparation and wind turbine tower blast in California. Accordingly, innovative turbine tower facilities can also accommodate custom-designed and constructed blast rooms for specific solutions.

A Product Finishing and Surface Preparation Specialist

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