Where to Get the Most Appropriate Blast Cabinet in California

Are you looking for powder coating equipment, air make-up units, paint spray booths, blast booths, blast cabinets or any other related products? You’re at the right place. Continue reading to get more details about blast cabinet manufacturing.

Quality Portable Closed-Circuit Blasting Machines

You want to transact with a firm that provides quality products and services. We design these closed-circuit blasting machines to be easy to use, powerful and compact. Our blast machine is a hand-portable, proven and eductomatic system intended for an abrasive blast for cleaning in conditions where dust and grit are contained, such as confined places near personnel or equipment.

Media Recovery

Improving the reuse and recovery of media permits greater productivity and ensures an efficient blasting operation. We have different recovery systems ideal for various blasting operations. A Vaculift unit is perfect for your in-house blasting operation; Auger unit, suitable for high-volume abrasive and AbVac units suitable for collecting abrasive into a bag.

Blast Cabinets

Do you need high-quality blast cabinet in California? Do not worry; we design custom blast cabinets to your unique specifications, manufactured to provide a unique clear blast environment. We build dependable and long-lasting blast rooms and booths according to your objectives at heart and business interests. Our blast cabinets are cost-efficient and incorporated with a dust collection system to make them more effective.

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We’re here to help you get high-quality blast cabinet in California at an affordable price. We offer blast products to a wide range of industries like automotive, aerospace, rail and marine globally.

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