What is Plastic Media Blasting?

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Sometimes a fresh start requires a fresh surface—this is where plastic media blasting comes in.

A surface can have contaminants or a specific type of coating, but sometimes you need to break them down to a fresh surface. Previously, people would try sanding down materials or would rely on toxic chemicals to remove paint and other types of coatings. Now, there is a much better option—plastic media blasting. 

Understanding Plastic Media Blasting 

Plastic media blasting isn’t a term you will hear used often, but it can very well be the difference between a great paint job or material update and a bad one. With this highly efficient process, you can trust that the outer coating of the material has been properly removed so you can start working with the material using a fresh surface. Let’s discuss what you can expect with this process.

What is It?

Plastic media blasting is a type of blasting process that allows us to break down buildup, residue, or coatings on a specific surface. With this process, the material is stripped down to ensure a clean surface using a pressure system in a safe, enclosed chamber. This process should always be done with care and protective materials. 

How Does it Work?

The process works by using plastic particles in a pressure system to safely and effectively remove the outer coating of a surface. These particles are reusable and can be beneficial for multiple jobs. With a little care and focus on detail, any external coating or contaminants can be removed. All it takes is the right tools and some time.   

Why Do We Use It?

Plastic media blasting is popular because it is a really effective way to remove coatings without causing damage to the surface underneath it. Since the system uses low pressure compared to some of the more damaging options, you can protect what is underneath—like the surface of a classic car or device in need of a fresh paint job.   

Finding Professionals to Help

Although plastic media blasting is a very beneficial process, and many people have a need for this service, it is a process that is best left to the professionals. Given the risks involved with this process, it is important to have an appropriate place to work and the appropriate gear and equipment to keep you safe. If you need plastic media blasting, it is essential to schedule an appointment with professionals. 

The Takeaway

There are quite a few reasons that a person might want to invest in plastic media blasting. To get the best service, you want to work with professionals who know how to go the extra mile. Regardless of the size or type of project, you can work with a team of people who have the right tools and can provide an exceptional finish that meets your needs. To learn more, contact our team to get started today!