What is a Sand Blaster?

Sandblasting is the process of using abrasive material to clean – or remove contaminants – from a surface by using a sandblasting machine. Sand isn’t the only medium used in the process, as the abrasive blasting process has evolved to use different components depending on the task and the surface being blasted. More and more uses for sandblasting have been introduced over the years, particularly with the advent of more and more materials to use in the process.

Sand blasting is a great option for removing built up material from rough surfaces. The person running the apparatus is called a sandblaster, and they need to be knowledgeable in how the equipment works, as well as how the different blasting material will affect the particular surface. They also have to complete specific training to make sure that they utilize proper technique and operate the equipment safely.

How Does Sandblasting Work?

The sandblaster uses specialized equipment to spray a surface with abrasive to smooth over or clean the surface. This work is often done in a blast room, which is an enclosure that prevents the fine blasting materials from entering the outside air. This also allows for the recovery of the abrasive. This also separates the dust from the material, which enables the material to be used again for another application.

The process of sandblasting will smooth and clean a solid surface using compressed air. This air will spread solid particles across the surface at high speeds. The high-pressure blast of the abrasive grains helps break down things such as rust, contaminants, paint or virtually any other item that needs to be removed from a surface. This technique can also be used to smooth over a rough surface, or to change the shape of a particular surface.

Specific Uses for Sandblasting

There are numerous applications for sandblasting, as the changing variety of blasting media has widened the scope of what the process can do. Depending on the size of material used in the blasting, there are applications for this process from small items to large machinery. By utilizing the right material, the process can get rid of things like rust and paint off of everything from old tools to antiques. This also allows for the removal of contaminants from things like cars and boats to heavy machinery and farm equipment.

The highly pressurized material can remove unwanted layers of paint and rust, as well as removing any imperfections from the surface. This can help restore things to their former beauty by restoring a smoother and more even texture. Because of this, it is also often used for industrial cleaning purposes. Sandblasting has been used in heavy applications like refurbishing buildings, and cleaning the likes of brick, concrete, and stonework.

There are a number of different applications for sandblasting, and there are a variety of different methods and materials used throughout the process. For more information about sand blasters and their multiple applications, reach out to the experts at Airblast AFC today.