What are the Key Features to Look for When Selecting a Containerised Blast Room?

There are several things to consider when selecting a containerized blast room. However, before deciding on a blast room, it’s vital to know the various features to determine if this transportable, ready-made blast room will best suit your needs. 

A containerized blast room is ideal for when a temporary site is being used for the blasting job or when the cost of using factory space is too high. A containerized blast room is an affordable solution since it is made from converted shipping containers. 

The flexibility in the design of a containerized blast room means a client can state the type of dust collection system, unit size, and recovery system to satisfy their needs. Containerized blast rooms are weatherproof and can be situated inside or outside your factory.

Key Features

Portable Dust Collection System

Advanced dust-collecting technology increases visibility when blasting. For our containerized blast rooms, we offer a portable external cartridge dust collection system. This key feature comes preinstalled in our containerized blast rooms. The functionality is the same as the external one, creating a safe and comfortable setting for any blasting project.

Compact Size

Due to its compact size, a containerized blast room provides versatility since it can be relocated if necessary or situated outside in adverse weather. When you receive a containerized blast room from us, all that is needed is to be connected to the power and air supplies. This adaptable waterproof enclosure is an economical starting point for a blast room.

Normally, a space at the back of the containerized blast room is where the media reclamation system and blast machine are situated, making this enclosure a self-contained, complete system.


Containerised blast rooms are available with doors at both ends, on the side, in front, or on one end. Other specs include:

  • Purpose-built blast-proof light modules
  • Complete recovery floor that negates the need for manual abrasive reclamation
  • Overhead loading system 
  • Containerized blast booth (externally clad)
  • Huge tool room with full recovery floor choices 
  • Standard blast-proof viewing window 


Even though a containerized blast room is a ready-to-go product, it can be upgraded to your specific needs. We offer many abrasive media and other upgrades including:

  • Side opening doors
  • Garnet
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Glass bead
  • Steel grit
  • Chilled iron
  • Full-floor sweep abrasive recovery system

Related Equipment 

Besides containerized blast rooms, we offer other related equipment such as:

  • Protective equipment for workers
  • Portable blast systems
  • Sample processing
  • Dust recovery equipment
  • Paint spray booths
  • Lighting systems
  • Abrasive blast cabinets
  • Blast accessories

Quality Blast Rooms and Related EquipmentWe offer blast rooms and related equipment to a vast array of industries including marine, aerospace, automotive, rail, and many more. Contact us if you have any questions about our blasting products.