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Constructing large blast, spray, and drying facilities for The Andersons Rail Group


The creation of large blast, spray, and drying facilities.


The Andersons Rail Group


Maumee, OH


To help The Andersons create a state-of-the-art fabrication shop for the rail industry

The Andersons Rail Group

In the spring of 2013, Airblast AFC was contacted by The Andersons Rail Group, a rail car refurbishment specialist based in Ohio. The Andersons Rail Group was in need of surface preparation and coating facilities for a project in Maumee and had learned of Airblast AFC’s reputation in the industry for excellence in both fields. We met with the team to get to know the various services they provide to their customers and to ascertain how Airblast AFC could best support their business.

Blast and paint facilities created for The Andersons Rail Group by Airblast AFC

With multiple locations across the continental United States, The Andersons Rail Group provides repair, maintenance, and renovation solutions for rail fleet owners. It has carved out a reputation for providing fast, high-quality repair services for both light and heavy railcars, while also offering railcar conversions and modifications, as well as mobile railcar units for on-site repairs with coverage throughout the U.S.

The Project

The Andersons came to Airblast AFC because it was planning to create a state-of-the-art paint and blast facility at its Fabrication Shop in Maumee. The shop would specialize in railcar component manufacturing and custom design, as well as the fabrication of mild steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel items. It was important to The Andersons that this facility be equipped with cutting-edge equipment for the surface preparation and coating of these vital components.

Airblast AFC constructed a large blast room measuring 25’W x 25’H x 90’D. This was designed to allow The Andersons to strip even large components very quickly. To further improve efficiency, the blast room was fitted with an Airflex Full Floor Sweeper Recovery System. This system collects abrasive from the entire floor area and returns reusable media to the blast machine via a series of channels, each equipped with a sweeper mechanism. Spent abrasive is filtered out and the blast pot is continuously refilled while the operator works, allowing him or her to continue blasting on an uninterrupted basis.

Component surfaces are blasted with recycled steel shot and then interior and exterior paint is applied. Customers can choose the coating or lining of their choice, including plural component options. To that end, Airblast AFC constructed a 90-foot long cross draft paint booth (22’W x 24’H x 90’D) and a 90-foot long drying booth (21’W x 20’H x 90’D) to round out the Fabrication Shop’s capabilities. The formidable Maumee facility now includes a wash bay as well as blast, paint, and cure booths, allowing for high output with top quality workmanship.

Blast and paint facilities created for The Andersons Rail Group by Airblast AFC


Airblast AFC is proud to have played its role in making The Andersons Rail Group’s impressive Maumee Fabrication Shop a reality. Like Airblast AFC, The Andersons has a range of specialties. Besides rail stock repair, maintenance and modification, it also manages its own fleet, which means it is well versed in the industry standards for railroad equipment, government regulations, and taxation.

Airblast AFC is similarly diverse in its offering, providing a range of services and products while leading the field in terms of expertise. We understand the hard work, the experience, and the continual learning that it takes to remain at the cutting edge of several disciplines – and we’re always excited to be given the opportunity to help a leading company up its game.

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