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New All-in-One Containerized Blast Room for Perigo Company LLC


New all-in-one Containerized Blast Room


Perigo Company LLC


San Joaquin Valley, CA


Find the best solution to create a stand-out finish for existing stainless-steel product range.

New Containerized Blast Room

Perigo Company LLC is a family owned and operated business delivering products and services to the agricultural and irrigation industries. Based in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, the company is made up of knowledgeable, highly experienced experts known for their custom irrigation pipe work, filter products for agricultural drip systems, and their design and build of agricultural tractor machines.

The company recently looked into ways to give their stainless-steel products a more ‘stand-out’ finished look. After researching the options available to them, they discovered glass bead blasting would give them the finish they were looking for.

Depending on the grade size, glass bead can create a smooth, visually appealing finish on stainless steel without impacting the shape or surface of the object being blasted. Glass bead can be reused or recycled several times too, meaning it is a cost-effective abrasive which can be recovered after application.

The Solution

Glass bead is used for several blasting applications such as polishing, peening and surface abrasion and is often favored for its ability to create a silky matte surface finish. In addition, glass bead is chemically inert, iron-free, and does not contain silica, making it safer to use than other abrasives.

Justin Davis from Perigo Company explains how they started blasting with glass bead: “Once we’d decided to move forward with the use of glass bead, we looked into purchasing a blast room.

“We discovered that companies were creating fully functioning blast rooms in shipping containers and that seemed to be the best option for us, so we started inquiring and getting quotes. AFC was, by far, the easiest to talk to and get information out of, and their price point was good.”

Perigo Company purchased a 20’ blast container – a completely customized, weatherproof adaptation of a shipping container with rubber-lined walls for sound attenuation and surface protection. Also included in the container blast room:

  • Steel plate floor
  • Abrasive reclamation and recovery system
  • Built-in floor hopper
  • Air wash to separate dust and debris from clean reusable abrasive
  • Integrated dust collection module
  • Blast machine
  • Control panel
  • Ventilation system
  • LED light fixtures


Justin Davis has the last word: “Having the blast room has helped us get our products noticed. We bought the booth in conjunction with a laser engraving/marking machine, so having the ability to blast then mark has made our product really stand out when installed.

“Our overall experience has been great. AFC has been responsive and their team is always around to answer questions if needed.”

To find out more about the all-in-one containerized blast room, visit our website, or get in touch with the team at AirblastAFC today:

Call: (800) 331-7744

Email: sales@airblastafc.com

You can find out more about Perigo Company LLC on their website.

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