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Installing surface preparation and painting booths for a large environmental service provider


Installation of surface preparation and painting facilities for a large US company


Clean Harbors


Boston, MA


Provide surface preparation and coating solutions to increase industrial output while being cost effective

Clean Harbors' vision

Airblast AFC was recently featured in a television commerical for enviromental, energy, and industrial services company Clean Harbors. Airblast AFC and Clean Harbors have worked together on multiple projects and have a relationship that stretches back several years. In this case study we’ll discuss some of the surface preparation and coating facilites that Airblast AFC has supplied to help Clean Harbors achieve its vision being recognized as the premier provider of enviromental, energy, and industrial services.

clean harbor

The Client

Founded in 1980, Clean Harbors enviromental, energy, and industrial services operates throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. It specializes in a variety of enviromental services, such as waste disposal, recycling, healthcare services, and emergency response.

Its customer base includes a large number of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies who trust its capacity to meet today’s toughest enviromental, energy, and industrial challenges. These include end-to-end hazardous waste management, emergency spill response, industrial cleaning, and maintenance.

The services that Clean Harbor provides demostrate its commitment to sustainability and the enviroment. Clean Harbors works with stakeholders to enhance bsuiness value while minimizing negative impacts and seeking opportunities for improvement. Like Airblast AFC, it offers these services across a range of fields, including the chemcial, energy, engineering, manufacturing, government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, oil, steel, transportation, and utilities industries. It also refines and recycles used oil through its subsidiary, Safety-Kleen.

The Brief

Naturally, a company like Clean Harbors with a diverse portfolio of services and some of the world’s most high-profile clients needs the highest quality surface preparation and coating  facilities available. Airblast AFC shares Clean Harbors’ determined to solve tough problems through innovation and proven methodology, which is why Clean Harbors first reached out to us in 2014 to request our assistance.

Clean Harbor had learned of Airblast AFC’s commitment to excellence following a recommendation from New England Finishing Solutions. Like Clean Harbors, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that increase operational efficiency and maximize productivity. As a result, Airblast AFC was invited to create a surface preparation facility and a coating facility for Clean Harbor in Boston, MA.

Both the blast booth and the paint booth would need to be 60 feet in length – sufficient to strip and coat the larger parts and machinery that Clean Harbor relies on. An auger screw recovery floor was supplied with the blast room to ensure that abrasive media could be efficiently returned to the blast machine, maximizing operator efficiency.

The paint booth was equipped with a heated air make-up unit to control temperatures, prevent negative air pressure, and ensure air quality. This first contract was followed by others, including blast and paint facilities in Houston, TX in 2016 and a paint facility in Elgin, IL in 2017.

Clean harbor

The Results

The success of these project has resulted in an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship that is founded on our shared commitment to being recognized as the premier providers in our fields. The facilities that Airblast AFC supplied are vital part of Clean Harbors’ ongoing work and perfectly demonstrate Airblast AFC’s commitment to creating products and solutions that our customers can rely on to increase their productivity for years to come.

The Conclusion

Recent, to celebrate 40 years in the business of sustainability, Clean Harbors released its first ever TV commerical. This beautifully shot 30-second video celebrates Clean Harbors employees who do the hard work that keeps our environment clean and safe, and to honor their commitment to a more sustainable future. The commerical also features Airblast AFC facilities – another indication of how valuable our products are to many companies that rely on them every day.

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