Blasting requires a host of safety features that protect your employees as well as your equipment, typically necessitating large spaces with comprehensive ventilation.

Airblast AFC has engineered containerized blast rooms that provide the safety and security that your facility requires, allowing you to perform blasting in a more convenient way. Here are the benefits of our all-in-one containerized blast rooms.

Improved Dust Collection

Blasting using any media produces a significant amount of dust and debris that requires innovative ventilation solutions in order to protect your facility. The Airblast AFC cartridge filter module that fits into our containerized blast rooms requires no additional ducting and provides extra safety measures for your blasting applications.
Airblast AFC Container Preview

Compact Design for Added Utility

The Airblast AFC containerized blast room is developed as an all-in-one solution or any blasting requirements. The modular design is developed in a container, delivered ready to use. Compact and transportable, the containerized blast rooms simply need a power source and you are ready to go.

Fully Upgradable

Airblast AFC has designed the containerized blast room to allow for easy and efficient upgrades, depending on your usage. You can have your blast room upgraded for use with steel grit, aluminum oxide, glass beads, garnet, and chilled iron – or even install overhead loading rails and slide opening doors for extra convenience.

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The containerized blast rooms developed by Airblast AFC are packed full of features, allowing you to perform your blasting operations in a safe, clean space that reduces dust and requires no extra ventilation. Made from converted shipping containers, these fully modular, highly transportable solutions are perfect for facilities large or small.

Airblast AFC Containerized Blast Booth

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